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All the products' open,short, trace widths, faults, remained coppers, pin hole, and misplacements are checked by the automatic optical machines and examined by the inspectors of ATC. Flying probe test is now available to check both SMT and through-hole assembled PCB (Printed Circuit Boards) for defects. Being a fixtureless test machine, it is ideal for attaching leads to fine pitch SMT Components. We check a larger quantity of products through JIG during electrical test process. We examine all the PCB conductivity completely. Inspection reports will be sent when we ship the PCB to the customers. During the manufacturing of PCB, we also check its impedance ratio to meet its required specification of end-users. All finished pcb boards are tested for its reliability &functions with Peel,Strength,Solder, and the others concerned testing. In addiction, we will examine your board through micro section,if you demand to check micro section for PCB. Thanks.