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Developed the capability for mass production of Multilayer Printed Circuit Board(PCB) for semiconductor testing(ATE equipment) which can be applied to less than 15um of laminating registration.
(Star Company Promotion Project from Gyeonggi-Do)
Developed the mass production technology for the semiconductor testing PCB which below 0.4mm pitch with electro gold plating. (Cooperating with Gyeonggi College of Science and technology.)
Developed the 0.35mm pitch SOC TYPE MOTHER BOARD for semiconductor testing. (Cooperating with Korea Polytechnic University)
Patent application: Hyper multi-layer PCB and method for production the hyper multi-layer PCB
(The application number: 10-2013-0119196)
Patent application: Method for production hyper multi-layer using pre-etching with conductive coating.
(The application number: 10-2013-0116341)
Developed multi-functional wiring material for Superhigh frequency mobile package.(Cooperating with Korean Institute of Industrial Technology and Dong-Yang Ink.)
Patent application/Registration: Riveting Machine and Control method for the riveting machine
(The application number: 10-2012-0115344)
Patent application - Shocking and oscillation facility for PCB. (The application number: 10-2010-0127072)
Developed Aspect Ratio over 26:1 Cu plating technology for mass production.
Established quality insurance and inspection system.
Developed a simulation program to proceed 1.5um electro hard gold plating technology for PCB. (Cooperating with Korea Polytechnic University)