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ISO 9001 compliant Quality Systems.
We control the Quality System currently complies to ISO 9001 quality standards.

UL(E225596) Certification

IPC Class 3 Capability
ATC routinely builds PCBs to IPC Class 2 or Class 3, as required, acceptability criteria.

Continual Improvement
Management Reviews of Quality Systems.
Corrective Action Systems.
Process Improvement Teams.

Visual Inspection
All products are checked its cutting,shorts, patterns width, faults,remained copper, pin hole,misplacements by using automatic optical inspector.
Flying Probe Testing
A flying probe test is available to test both SMT and through-hole assembled printed circuit boards for manufacturing defects. Being a fixtureless test machine, and it is ideal for contacting leads of fine pitch SMT components.

Bare Board Electrical Testing
Electrical test process by JIG for larger quantities products, and we examine all the pcb's compelete conductibility. The testing reports can be sent with pcbs to the customers when we ship the pcb to the customers
Impedance Control
After simulated the pcb boards, we check again its Impedance ratio closely to meet its required specification of end-users
Reliability Testing
All finished PCBs are tested for its reliability & functions with Micro Section Peel, Strength, Solder and the others concerned testings.